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The school teaches a broad curriculum with options for students at Key Stage 4. The school achieves GCSE outcomes at the end of year 11 as well as parallel vocational qualifications. The school's students will join with a wide range of learning starting points and will have additional needs that may present additional challenges to learning. The school offers an academically focused curriculum and is ambitious for all students and through the support of home and school Key Stage 4 students achieve a range of rigorous and ambitious outcomes. The school transparently publishes outcome data each year to help parents understand the school's curriculum offer and levels of ambition and achievement.


In Key Stage 3 students follow a mastery programme of study based around the principles of over learning. In Key Stage 4 students achieve either Functional Skills or GCSE Maths foundation or higher qualifications.



Reading is a priority at the school and our teachers aim to instil a love of stories and literature. Our Key Stage 3 programme of study follows a mastery model and Key Stage 4 students will achieve either Functional Skills English or GCSE English language and optional literature.



The Key Stage 3 Science scheme of work is based on an over-learning mastery model and is split between physics, biology and chemistry.

In Key Stage 4 students achieve either a BTEC or Science GCSE.


In Key Stage 3 students study History and Geography with the scheme of work featuring trips to our rich local heritage sites. 

In Key Stage 4, students are able to study a humanities subject and achieve a GCSE.

Art and Enterprise

The school has a thriving Art and Design department led by a Head of Faculty. Students complete 2D, 3D and digital art projects. Our enterprise programme is rich and varied and students do everything from designing and marketing products to up-cycling furniture.


Physical and Outdoor Education

The school has almost daily sports sessions and often competes in inter-school sports competitions. The school takes pride in its sport activities and welcomes those students who wish to participate on to the school teams.

The school has a very adventurous Outdoor Education programme delivered in partnership with specialist providers.

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Life Skills

Our students study interesting and varied programmes of PSHE and RSE. As well as this, students participate in structured cooking, cleaning and community tasks. This leads to very high level of personal development alongside the academic curriculum.



Students have the opportunity to practise and use a range of instruments through the Key Stage 3 Music curriculum. There are vocational qualifications available in Music and Music production at Key Stage 4.

Citizenship and Community

The school has a very strong community ethos. Our students complete day-to-day and project tasks in school to help better our community. Students also go out into the community to help others and spread the Lion Works 'can-do' attitude!

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Students have the opportunity to use a range of ICT throughout their time at school. Students have the ability to gain vocational ICT qualifications.


Excellence Afternoons

Tuesday afternoons are a chance for our Key Stage 3 students to do something excellent. This goes beyond the curriculum and is structured and scheduled time for students to excel at those things they enjoy and would like to further their skills in.


Duke of Edinburgh

The school offers Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards at Key Stage 4. The expeditions and opportunities that come with the Duke of Edinburgh awards are wide ranging and rigorous.

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