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Put simply; parents know their children best. The school regularly surveys parents, has parent events, sends weekly reports and proactively and reassuringly communicates with parents.

The school's 'Parent Voice' Leader

The school has an experienced teacher who leads with the formal and structured parent events and opportunities. Form tutors send home weekly reports and Senior Leaders are always available to speak with parents.

Mr Mitchell is our parent champion and through professional and lived experience brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to his role.


The parent voice

We value all feedback both positive and negative. We have been delighted to receive many positive testimonials from parents of pupils who attend the school, some of which can be read below:

"You took him in and from the moment he joined he was welcomed with kindness and patience. You supported us as a family through a very difficult time and it literally saved [him]. When he refused to come to school you helped us, you visited our home and offered support. You even sent a mentor for 2 weeks to help to get him into school, starting his day with outdoor breakfast and laughs. Little by little he was able to access education again; actually access life again. He has always felt listened to and understood, and you helped him to be the best he could be."

"When my eleven year old son and I arrived at The Lion Works School a year ago, both his self confidence and attitude towards education had hit rock bottom due to previous negative experiences over the years. However during this past year he has absolutely thrived, both in his confidence and academically. He has found a school where he feels he truly belongs. The wonderful staffing team go above and beyond to make sure their lessons are inspiring and motivating and my son knows he is valued and respected as a student. In addition to this, the nurturing ethos that the school encapsulates enables him to feel calm, engaged and receptive to new challenges. I believe The Lion Works holds a metaphorical key and every day they are unlocking a little bit more of my son's full potential. I am excited to be alongside him as he continues to flourish and am thankful every day that he is a part of this truly incredible school. It has been life changing for our family!"

"Thank you to you and the team who helped to organise and deliver the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition.


Our son came home a different person to whom we normally see. Brimming with confidence to tell his stories and show pictures. He even wants to go back to show us where he walked. 


The image of him popping his head out of the hole he climbed into made me laugh out loud! I never thought he would be confident enough to be that adventurous, even with all our encouragement. 


I can't express enough thanks for the opportunity he has had."

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