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TLWS welcomes Miss Collinson

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

I am feeling so privileged to be the next Head Teacher of the Lion Works School and I will strive

to do everything I can to ensure that our community can truly celebrate this unique setting, that

enables your children to flourish on their path, into their future. I believe that with the right

recipe we, as a team, can unlock doors to opportunities that once, for various reasons may have

seemed closed.

I come to you with over 20 years experience in various school settings, I have high expectations

and aspirations for all and am truly passionate about ensuring the best possible outcomes. I am

open and honest and truly want your child to feel safe and belong, whilst developing their

talents and learning new ones, so that they can gain the educational outcomes they deserve, to

secure opportunities for what the future may hold.

I come to you not just as a Headteacher but as a parent of a teenage daughter and realise that

there are many challenges that families face whilst preparing their children for adulthood. It is

my hope that we can face the uncertainties together, solve the problems that may arise and

celebrate together the successes.

I am hoping that before the start of the Autumn term, I will have the opportunity to meet with

you in person and begin to get to know you all, so that we can work together on what I believe

will be an exciting and rewarding journey ahead for you and your child.

Best wishes

Miss Collinson

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