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OT brings Variety to TLWS

The Lion Works School has always been on an exciting and always growing development journey for therapeutic interventions for our amazing students. From Talkabout group therapies to LEGO therapy, Sensory Circuits, ELSA interventions, and engaging activities during break and lunch times, the team has witnessed remarkable progress in various aspects of the students' school lives this year.

Sensory circuits (fondly nicknamed as The Sensory Circus by some students!) are a vital part of our daily routine at The Lion Works School. These circuits are designed to assist students in regulating their sensory experiences and improving their focus and attention. They consist of various activities targeting different sensory systems, including proprioception, vestibular, and tactile input. These activities are divided into alerting, organising, and calming segments to provide a well-rounded sensory experience. 

Every morning, a selection of students have the opportunity to participate in activities like trampolining, skipping, obstacle courses, animal yoga, and sensory mats. This proactive approach is aimed at helping students manage their emotions, develop self-regulation skills, and start the school day on a positive note.

During lunch times, students eagerly participate in activities like LEGO building, slime exploration, Happy Salmon, and Uno. These activities have proven to be incredibly popular among students, who often return for more, showcasing their enthusiasm and enjoyment. We have observed how these activities not only provide a break from academic learning but also foster social interaction, creativity, and relaxation.

Through a combination of evidence-based practices, creative interventions, and a supportive environment, we hope to continue making a positive difference in The Lion Works community!

Miss Hinds & Miss Gibbs 

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