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New KS4 courses coming soon!

As this academic year draws to a close, our attentions turn to September and the launch of an updated Key Stage 4 curriculum. We are nothing if not resourceful here at TLWS, and with that comes a creative and innovative view of learning, ensuring that every student who walks through our doors can access education and leave here with a sense of accomplishment. With this ethos firmly in mind, we have tried to think outside the proverbial box; yes, the usual core subjects of English, Maths and Science are studied here, but in working to the variety of strengths and needs of each of our students, we are tailoring our curriculum yet further so that all of our Key Stage 4 students feel that there is something in which they can excel and be able to show off their personal talents.

Excitingly, we will be offering some new courses in the 2023/24 year: first up, there’s Animal Care. Our Young Lions may be a Pride through and through, but on this course, they will learn the fundamental skills to care for a range of different animals and give something back to nature. Many of our students are already keen animal lovers, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put their existing skills to greater use and achieve qualifications in a field that really matters to them.

As well as budding animal attendants, a large percentage of our students get a lot of enjoyment out of video game entertainment. The debate between the latest PlayStation and Xbox releases is one that is contested hotly within school, so this has led to the new offer of a BTEC Level 2 in E-Sports as an option. Digital gaming is a multi billion pound, ever growing, industry and continues to be a constantly evolving artistic medium (a far cry from Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario, the games of our staff’s youths!). With revolutionary new technologies at the fore and even a multimillion-pound competition industry; It’s a course that we hope will give our students a chance to excel, further their love of learning and be full of that Lion Works magic...pride!

We can’t wait to get underway with these and other new courses and look forward to developing our curriculum further, always striving for success for everyone.

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