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Summer improvements steaming ahead!

While our students and staff go off on their well earned summer adventures our hard working maintenance team has been working through an exciting schedule of school improvements. Progress so far includes...(drum roll please)...

An E-sports arena for our new KS4 BTEC course which is taking shape and already looks like more fun than should really be allowed in a school!

Our new graphics suite has had 6 new iMacs and a 3D printer so far, with more to come...

The science lab has had an update with a range of new equipment meaning a whole load more experiments will amaze and intrigue our wonderful students through next year and beyond.

Our drones are on order and I can't wait to see our history students surveying long lost forts and other fun, but of course highly educational, things.

Some of our corridors have had a light and retro update.

Lastly, but not leastly, our new annual review and digital conference suite is halfway to being completed.

Two weeks to go and lots to do! We can't wait to welcome our students back and to get them started in our fancy new facilities and to see them continue to grow and flourish with their peers in our carefully curated and highly cared for school. Must dash...there's furniture that needs moving!


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