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Roaring success of a quiz night!

The Lion Works School had the privilege of welcoming parents and students for its first ever quiz night last night! The school opened during the dark days of covid and having parent community events just wasn't possible. Now the world is largely back to normal we are delighted to be able to begin bringing together the school's incredible parent community.

The school's resident Quiz Master, Mr Mitchell, one of our hardworking and dedicated teachers did an incredible job of preparing and delivering the event alongside his dedicated number two, Miss Dougal, one the school's inspirational HLTA's.

It was an absolute delight to see so many parents coming out to engage with the event. Despite not being on the winning team (and subsequently demanding a steward's inquiry of course), it was with nothing but gratitude that as Chair of the School Board I was able to sit back, try to mislead other teams with implausible answers and participate in a wonderful event.

Here's looking forward to the next event and the school continuing to grow and benefit from the feedback and participation of our knowledgeable and supportive parent community. Parents are experts when it comes to their children and we are grateful to work in partnership to provide a holistic, academic, specialist education.


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