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The Lion Works School

Academic SEND Secondary Education

Meet the Team

Read some words from our inspirational and dynamic Headteacher and meet the team that makes the school such a safe, progressive and friendly space.


Our Ethos

The Lion Works School is an Independent Specialist school. We are part of an ethical and progressive organisation that believes it can achieve real change for students and their families.


We are a unique, progressive and inspirational place that welcomes students who have an ASC diagnosis or who present with needs that makes our specialised approach appropriate for them. The student is at the centre of everything we do and every decision we make. We offer no quick fixes or false promises. Instead we offer support, understanding, space, patience, care, attention and passion for what our students can achieve. We are an academically focused specialist setting.


Our students are brilliant and interesting young people. No two students are the same. Some are confident, some less so. Some are good at sport, some are not. Some are creative, some are practical. Some are funny, some prefer to be serious. Some will get married, some will choose not to. Some will achieve great success, some will be happy and settled. Some will drive cars, some will cycle. Some will own businesses, some will struggle to find a career that's right for them. Some will learn to ride horses, some will be artists. Some like science, some like to draw. Some like to draw in science. They all happen to have additional needs.


The school welcomes applications for admission from local authorities and parents. We can offer September and mid-year starts as places allow. We have a thorough and open admissions process and welcome formal and informal consultation



Life at our small and wonderful school


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Contact the school

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01202 113707

Phone calls and emails can be received term time and holiday time from 8.30am - 4.00 pm.

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