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Therapy and Communication

The Lion Works School teaches a therapy informed curriculum. Our therapeutic approach is woven into the day to day of our school, as well being offered to students as ongoing programmes of support.

We offer a range of therapies but most students begin with a dedicated one to one Talking Therapy programme. The therapeutic approach equips students with the tools required to be autonomous individuals with the skills needed to self-regulate their emotions and mental wellbeing in both adolescence and adulthood.

Therapy is also used to address past trauma and can be instrumental in de-escalating learnt anxious responses from time spent in inappropriate education settings. When new students begin their journey with us they may need space and support to learn to trust school again. Only once a student's anxious responses to learning or social communication are addressed are they able to meaningfully engage with the curriculum. It is a process that takes time and can not be rushed but always helps students to achieve a greater and more meaningful depth of learning and wellbeing.

Our therapeutic programmes measure progress set against neuro-typical developmental markers. We measure both developmental progression as well as diagnostic measures of communication and regulation. Our assessments are conducted termly with reporting on an ongoing basis to parents and carers.

Our therapy programme extends to parents to help them understand their child's concerns and wellbeing. Our therapy informed education is a holistic approach that requires close collaboration between therapy staff, teachers, leaders and parents in the best interests of their child. 

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