Physical Education. PE.

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Despite what this hilarious picture may suggest, we take PE very seriously. The impact of exercise in relation to supporting students to manage their emotional self-regulation and wellbeing is indisputable. It is good to be active. Those of our students who excel in PE will be able to access regular weekly personal training to really push themselves to bring out their inner athlete. PE however is always 'challenge by choice', so those students who are less inclined to participate are welcome to sit by the side and encourage their peers.

Every morning starts with PE at The Lion Works School. There are always two choices on offer. A 'hard session' or a 'mindful session'. This could be Dance paired with table tennis, or boxing with yoga. 

Outdoor Education

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All of our students spend a whole day each week on Outdoor Education. 

We build fires, we climb trees, we climb cliff faces, we jump into the water, we surf, we kayak, we do archery, we abseil, we throw axes, we look at trees, we skin our lunch, we cook on a fire, we take time to pause and breath in the fresh air.

Students can complete a BTEC in Sport based around our Outdoor Education programme. We offer further qualifications in specific sports for students who are committed to progressing.

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