Physical Education at TLWS

Physical Education is an integral part of life at The Lion Works School. It is a significant area for development for all students as part of the Resilience strand of the ARC of Success. It is also very relevant to developing the theme of Community, another part of the ARC. Our students start* every day with PE. This is in our school sports hall and is usually a team game of either Handball, Football, Basketball, Dodgeball or Indoor Hockey. The games last for 30 minutes and have 3 primary outcomes. Firstly, fitness and endorphins - the benefits of both of these are well known. Secondly, resilience - sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, both come with challenges. Our ability to expose ourselves to difficult feelings with scaffolded support around us builds resilience. Thirdly, communication and community learning opportunities within our carefully chosen sports.

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Outdoor Education

Our students all spend two half days each week on Outdoor Education. It is a prominent aspect of the student journey at The Lion Works School. The two Outdoor Education sessions are split between a topic/theme session and a sport session each week. Themes and sports run for half a term before changing. During the Key Stage 3 journey we assess student progress through their knowledge and application of skills. At Key Stage 4 all students complete a BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Outdoor Sport as well as completing Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Key Stage 3 Outdoor Education Journey

Autumn term begins with a multisport/activity introduction to familiarise the students with the locations and equipment they will use. Autumn 2 topic sessions are based around a Zombie Apocalypse (something we all need to be preparing for really). Students learn to make traps, move without leaving a trace, navigate, purify water and make fire. The Autumn 2 sport is Wet and Wild. Students learn and practise surfing and paddle boarding skills and the cold water is the perfect opportunity to develop one's resilience!

Spring term topic is straight out of Hollywood with Mythbuster sessions. Things will go bang! Spring 2 is all about Flora. Students learn bush craft, whittling, plant identification as well as gardening. Spring 1 sport is Eagle eye. Students learn archery and shooting skills and it culminates with a Medieval tournament. Spring 2 is time to go UP; tree climbing, rock climbing, indoor climbing and bouldering.

Come summer term the theme is from A to B, via D. It's all about navigation and orienteering, both on foot and on two wheels. Summer 2 is a feast for the senses as it's all about Outdoor Cooking. Making fire, cooking on fire and cooking in fire! This all ends very appropriately with a banquet prepared by the students! When it comes to sport in Summer term we return to the water (we should really make the most of being in a seaside town!). Summer 1 we go below the waves with snorkelling and scuba diving. Summer 2 sport once again puts us on the waves, this time canoeing in rivers and sailing on the sea. It all ends with a very exciting speed boat excursion. Ahoyhoy.

Key Stage 4 Outdoor Education Journey

The Key Stage 4 Outdoor Education Journey develops those skills learnt and practised throughout KS3 and leads to academic and wider qualifications (BTEC and Duke of Edinburgh awards). The sessions continue to be split in to one weekly topic session and one weekly theme session. The difference at KS4 is that the sport sessions qualify students for their BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Sport and the topic sessions allow students to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Autumn term begins with a multisport and activity introduction to blow out the cobwebs accumulated over summer, then it's down to business. Autumn 2 is Wet and Wild Water sports alongside the Apocalypse topic. We have have left behind Zombies (fortunately) and are now looking at cross curricular learning applying those skills learnt in Science and Maths to source food, filter water, apply camouflage and skin animals. The topic sessions vary year on year depending on participants and the award level. It involves community work and personal development and perfectly compliments students' prior attainment and development on the ARC of Success.

The Sports session now give students growth opportunities by pushing them to develop assisting and leadership skills in teaching sports to others.


Once students have developed initial coaching skills they work collaboratively to run a sports event/excursion. These vary depending on the students choices but can be traditional sports (team games) or adventurous excursions (climbing and sailing). These units are a great opportunity for students to apply their learning from the duration of their Outdoor Education journey.

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