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Frequently asked questions

What provision do you offer?

We offer SEN Academic and Vocational programmes, these are for students who have EHC Plans and are in a position to be able to meet KS4 GCSE or BTEC outcomes. Students in this position may have spent time in mainstream education but have found that the wider demands of 'big' schools have prevented them from engaging or making expected progress. We offer a Therapy Informed Education. This means that our students access weekly therapeutic sessions to maintain their wellbeing and to build reslience and autonomy. We offer a 'Secondary School' Specialist education.

Do you support students with mental health challenges?

Yes, we do. Short term and long term mental health challenges can be associated with a diagnosis of ASD and we can teach students who are experiencing short term or long term mental health challenges. Our specialist staff put the student at the centre of all of their decision making. We maintain high expectations for all of our students but we create a nurturing and supportive environment in which students can work through their mental health challenges. We support students and their families. It is our duty to support students both in and out of school and this means a close relationship between home and teachers. Our environment is calm and always monitored by specialist staff.

How do I find out about getting a place?

Please get in touch if you are interesting in finding out more or making a refferal. Our prospectus is available from our 'Downloads' page. We are an Independent provision. If you are a parent who beleives we may be able to meet your child's needs then you have a legal right to instruct your local authority to consult with us. Whether they are supportive, or not, of a placement you know your child best and you have the right to explore the option you beleive is best for your child. There are statutory appeal processes that will make your voice heard. We are experienced and willing to support parents with these processes if we agree that a placement at our school would be appropriate for your child.

Are you Ofsted registered?

Yes we are an Independent Special school that is registered with Ofsted, who are in turn directed by the Department for Education to inspect schools to ensure the quality and suitability of the education offered. We are authorised to offer students of compulsory school age a full time school education by the Department for Education.

Do you teach the National Curriculum?

Yes we teach the National Curriculum as well as specialist vocational qaulfications. Students who leave mainstream settings will be able to continue their National Curriculum courses and subjects if we agree that this is the most appropriate option for them. We offer a specialised programme of Sixth form study including vocational and A-Level courses.

What age are your students?

We offer provision for secondary age students from school years 7 to 13 (please note that is not age 7-13). The Classroom Group, which operates The Lion Works School, also has a service that offers courses and qualifications to students who do not fit within the secondary school age bracket.

What is your process for offering placements?

Our student admissions process is entirely based around the wellbeing of potential students. This can bring the process into conflict with placing authorities as our only priority is ensuring our ability to meet a student's needs, whilst not giving the student a harmful emotional journey of ups and downs. More information can found on our "Admissions" page.

Is it possible to access your services privately?

It is possible to arrange a place that is privately funded but it is worth considering that our fees are similar to (or higher) than that of boarding and other Independent Schools. Our school is highly specialised and resource intensive in order to meet the needs of our students and to push them to succeed and exceed their expectations. This is why we have to charge high fees in order to provide a suitable education to our students.