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Frequently asked questions

What provision do you offer?

We offer SEN Academic and Vocational programmes, these are for students who have EHC Plans and are in a position to be able to meet KS4 GCSE or BTEC outcomes. Students in this position may have spent time in mainstream education but have found that the wider demands of big schools have prevented them from engaging. We also offer AP engagement programmes for students who have historically found attending school to be a challenge.

Do you support students with mental health challenges?

Yes, we do.

How do I find out about getting a place?

Please get in touch if you are interesting in finding out more or making a refferal.

Are you Ofsted registered?


Do you teach the National Curriculum?

We teach a range of qualifications and courses. This includes NC subjects at GCSE and A-Level as well as Functional Skills and BTEC certificates.

What age are your students?

We offer provision for secondary age students as well as outreach for post-16 students. We offer one to one academic catch up for students who may have missed out on core qualifications whilst secondary school age as well.

What is your process for offering placements?

Our processes are as streamlined as possible and are student focused from start to finish. If you get in touch then we can give you an idea how to move things forward. You may want to check out of Admissions page.

Is it possible to access your services privately?

We offer private exam access but all places on-roll need to be accessed via refferal from a public body.


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