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BTEC courses


This course is misleading called Travel and Tourism. This is a really engaging hands on course for those who would like to take the skills they learnt during the weekly community cooking lessons in KS3 to a formal qualification. The course is split into three units as detailed below:

Unit 1 - Autumn term

Preparing and cooking food

Students learn about food preparation, kitchen safety and achieve a HSE approved Food Hygiene certificate. Students choose recipes, source the food and then make delicious things to share with the school community as well as take home on occasion. As a school we promote healthy eating but we also revel in the occasional sweet treat produced by our talented student cooks.

Unit 2 - Spring term

Serving food and drink

Spring term is all about front of house skills. This involves communicating with customers, prioritising tasks and maintaining a hygienic cafe/restaurant space. This can be challenging as it requires social communication and responding to unexpected events. Through challenges we make progress!

Unit 3 - Summer term

Contribute to running a hospitality event

The first half term is taken up with planning and the second is a chance to put those plans into action. There are opportunities for parents and carers to take part and attend in order to celebrate their child's success.

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Hair and Beauty

The Hair and Beauty BTEC Level 1 Certificate is a brilliant hands-on course for those who may have an interest in the Hair and Beauty industries or who may want to acquire skills for their own use.

Unit 1 - Autumn term

Demonstrating Make - up techniques

Students learn about the structure and function of skin, skin types, influences of make up choices, application methods and processes. They will be required to communicate with clients, demonstrate make-up techniques as well as make-up removal processes.

Unit 2 - Spring term

Nail Art

Spring term is all about the nails! The unit covers the influences on nail design styles, personal hygiene, nail shapes and conditions, products, tools and equipment, work area set up, PPE and health and safety, demonstration of 2D and 3D application.


Unit 3 - Summer term

Responding to a Hair and Beauty theme

Students will; identify what a mood board is and its purpose, discuss examples, create a mood board from a brief.

There are also workshops and mock salon days for students to demonstrate their newly acquired skills!

Vehicle and Transport

The Vehicle and Transport BTEC Level 1 Certificate is a hands on and engaging course based around many methods of transport, not least the school motorbike!

Unit 1 - Autumn term

Carrying out routine mechanical servicing of equipment

Students learn about the structure and function of mechanical means of transport (push bike and motorbike). The Autumn term culminates with a maintenance and renovation project, such as the fantastic pink bike!

Unit 2 - Spring term

Being a responsible road user

Spring term is a very exciting opportunity for our students to get behind the wheel of a car. The term consists of practical driving experiences (not on public roads of course) as well as a research project to find out the legal requirements in order to be safe a road user.


Unit 3 - Summer term

Providing a valet service

Summer term is a dangerous time for parking in the school car park, cars are liable to being cleaned at a moments notice. This is a great opportunity for students to build entry level skills for entry to the transportation industry.


Music production

The school is incredibly excited to be launching a music BTEC from Autumn 2022. The school has an industry standard recording studio and is looking forward to seeing our students banging drums, editing songs and singing melodies.

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