Parent Voice at The Lion Works School

Parent Voice

The Lion Works School strives to include the parent voice in all aspects of the school's unique and innovative education offer. The Headteacher holds termly parent voice sessions and the school is committed to forming a parent voice council to help share the experience and expertise within the parent body.

During our most recent parent voice session we discussed with parents what they felt the aim and purpose of the school curriculum should be, we then collectively tried to sum this up in 3 words.


The school team will be taking these ideas and then feeding back to show either where we think they are in our curriculum or where we can develop it to include them.

Based on our most recent parent voice session these are the things that the parent body feels are going well:

  • Adapting to situations as they change

  • Offering support to parents

  • Giving my daughter confidence to come back to school after a day off due to difficulties

  • Taking away some of the 'pressures' from us parents

  • Listening really well to my son and us as parents

  • A good range of lessons and off-site lessons

  • Just makes my son feel happy to come in

  • Providing a safe, inclusive environment for an anxious child

  • Encourages independence in a caring, understanding and patient manner

  • Meet and greet each morning helps with daily communication

  • Weekly reports help us to know how our child is getting on

  • Great focus on life skills and encouragement to think about individual skills and self awareness

  • Caring, nurturing, growing, developing, encouraging, kindness

  • Understanding and caring staff, especially around absence

  • AM and PM breaks for sensory/movement

  • 2 week half-term

  • Shorter lessons (45 mins)

  • Outdoor Ed

  • Rewards and Commendations

  • Starting the day with PE

  • 9-3 finish time

  • Weekly reports, but wouldn't mind fortnightly

However, like many places The Lion Works School is a self-reflective work in progress. These are the things our parent body feels we could do better:

  • Look at the weekly 'report', could be more robust. Can feel like a general reporting of the student's 'academic' endeavours!

  • A little more communication on what's next as in Year 9/10 etc

  • A meet with individual teachers to get a sense of our child's current levels and support we may need to provide at home to consolidate learning.

  • More events and get togethers for parents

  • More advance information on what they are going to be doing in upcoming Outdoor Ed sessions

  • More detailed information on school topics of study so we can help with homework

  • More photos (but we appreciate that's tricky with privacy and safeguarding!)

We are always so grateful for feedback and all feedback is truly a gift! We'll work hard on improving those areas in which we could be even better and we'll keep striving to perform well in all those that are currently identified as positives.

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