The vocational programme


All students study the core subjects throughout KS3 and KS4. At KS3 this is National Curriculum level and at KS4 it is a Functional Skills course.


Students in all year groups engage with a bespoke PSHE programme to address the many social and personal challenges that come with having additional needs. Some students may have therapeutic input alongside this programme.

Students on the vocational pathway spend a morning each week on our bespoke Outdoor Education programme. Those that like making fires, jumping into water and sailing boats are able to study this as a BTEC at KS4.

The vocational pathway is for students who want inspiring industry standard facilities in which to learn practical skills at BTEC level. 

Students in KS4 study one BTEC in year 10 and then another in year 11. This is all alongside Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT.

In KS3 students study National Curriculum age appropriate English, Maths and Science. Alongside this they work on fun and engaging projects that teach a range of awesome skills. Projects range from renovating a boat to preparing and running a pop-up cafe.

This is a bespoke curriculum with vocational outcomes. It suits students who have needs that prevent them from flourishing within a mainstream setting, but who may not be ready to study for 5 GCSE outcomes. This programme exists to set students up to succeed..


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