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Careers Guidance

The Lion Works School is an outcome orientated specialist school. Our programmes of study are either Academic with GCSE outcomes leading to Further Education or Vocational with BTEC outcomes leading to further study or apprenticeships. Although studying is interesting in itself, it is also vital preparation for entry to the wider world and of course employment. All of our students should leave with clear options and aspirations for employment. Employability provides independence, contributes to wellbeing and allows students to have meaningful progression throughout their lives.

Impartial careers advice is vital for students and their families to be able to make informed study and careers choices. We use an external provider to equip KS3 and KS4 students with careers advice and employability skills. We also teach employability courses to our KS4 students.

We have guest speakers visit to give our students information and insights into specific industries and career paths. Our KS4 students attend 1 days work experience every half term. This is supported work experience by the school staff.

Further information on our Careers Programme and employability studies can be found in the Careers Policy available from the Download section of our website.

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