The Academic Programme

Our Academic Pathway is similar to a mainstream school's programme of study. We teach the National Curriculum and have available most subjects you would expect to find at a large secondary school.

There are 6 spaces in each Academic Class and 1 class per year group (that means 6 academic spaces per year). We call this our 'Pioneer' pathway. The lessons are taught by subject specialists. Our students move around the school from lesson to lesson and subject room to subject room. We are not based in one classroom all day or with one teacher. Although consistency and familiarity can be really important to students with an ASD diagnosis, it just isn't possible for one teacher to teach from English Lit, to French and then back to Physics again. We teach the subjects to a depth the same as a mainstream setting, we require subject specialist Teachers in order to deliver this quality of teaching.


All students study the core subjects of English, Maths and Science throughout KS3 and KS4. KS3 consists of enrichment lessons in History, Geography, French, Music, Drama, Art, DT, ICT, Cooking, Enterprise and Outdoor Sport.

The Enterprise project in KS3 in a fantastic opportunity for students to acquire entrepreneurial skills. They design products, make, market, network and sell. The winning class gets to keep their profit dividends!

Students in all year groups engage with a bespoke PSHE programme embedded throughout the week as well as taught in form times to address the many social and personal challenges that come with having additional needs. 

At KS4 students study English language, Literature, Maths, Science and PE. Students can choose subject options out of; Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Art, Drama, French or Music. We accommodate more obscure subjects requests as well when possible at GCSE level.

Students on this pathway, or our Pioneers, may go on to study A-Level courses in our Sixth form if that is appropriate or may choose to return to a mainstream setting, such as college.

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