The Academic programme


All students study the core subjects throughout KS3 and KS4.


KS3 consists of enrichment lessons in History, Spanish, Geography, Art, ICT, Cooking, and Enterprise.

The Enterprise project in KS3 in a fantastic opportunity for students to acquire entrepreneurial skills. They design products, make, market, network and sell. The winning class gets to keep their profit dividends!

Students in all year groups engage with a bespoke PSHE programme to address the many social and personal challenges that come with having additional needs. Some students may have therapeutic input alongside this programme.

At KS4 students study English language, Literature, Maths, Science, PE, ICT and Art. Students can choose subject options out of; Modern Foreign Languages, History or Geography. We accommodate more obscure subjects requests as well whenever possible. Interested in constellations? Let's talk GCSE Astronomy in that case...

The academic pathway is for students who are ready to work towards 5 or more GCSE outcomes in line with their non-statemented peers. 

This is a National Curriculum centred programme where students study in small classes of up to 6 students. There is always an inspiring teacher and a teaching assistant to bring the lessons alive. Some students will study whole subjects on a 121 basis or may have extra 121 sessions within a typical week in order to make additional progress.

This is a miniature version of a mainstream curriculum. It suits students who have needs that prevent them from flourishing within a mainstream setting, but with a different pace and a calm space are able to demonstrate their full potential.

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